Since 2010 I have been a member of an online hospitality network called couchsurfing. I have hosted and been hosted by people from all around the world and in 2011 I began this project by photographing the hosts and guests that I stayed with. In recent years my work has become interested in the effects and implications that online communities and in particular social networking sites have on both the identities of the users and also on the communities as a whole.

The Members of, and various other hospitality networks offer free accommodation to other members of the network in exchange for nothing other than their company. My photographs focus on the domestic and sometimes benign moments we share together, what interests me about this network in particular are the commonalities in our separate cultures and the shift between private and public space.

In the 1960’s Marshall McLuhan wrote about the ‘speeding up’ effect communication technologies have pn society. effectively making the world a smaller place. Those ideas have permeated into how we built, use and think about communication technology today and those technologies will inevitably also change the ways in which we think and act towards each other in the future.





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